Deus Ex Machina

So it’s been said that

to make God laugh,

You should tell him your plan.

But if I execute it without telling him first,

It won’t be on his mind to prevent it

Let alone


At it.


More often than not

God is a security guard who dozed off with his feet up on the desk

And we give him cold black coffee and an Ambien

Just so we can sneak into heaven for a couple hours

And smoke all kinds of things just to stink up the place


More often than not

Love is just a prolonged belief in miracles

And an increased endurance for pain in reference to pleasure

Love is to look at another person and think

Are you my 72 virgins?

But first to stare in the mirror

and listen to your reflection tell you that he’s on your side

It’s easier than you think to say the things you mean


More often than not it’s the only thing left to do

And if you get bored

I highly suggest it.


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