if god were a man

If God were a man

He would look just like you

Except something tells me not even he could be as handsome.

But, if he dare be,

I’d start to pray again

With your name on the knuckles of my folded hands.

If God were a man

And you were that god

I’d sweep the stars to the side of the sky and create a runway for your descent from the moon

You have the tides in your strides

and I can feel each wave before it crashes


The wolves won’t howl

Upon your arrival

They’ll sing the Hallelujah Chorus without ever having been taught.


If you

were God

I wouldn’t hear you coming up the stairs by the keys stuck in your belt loop

The clashing of the brass would sound more like windchimes a bluebird has flown past

I can almost see the feathers circling your thighs and going down to your socks

Wondering how you could make something so beautiful, fragile

Still stronger than you could make me.


But I don’t want to be strong

If the meek–


shall inherit.


Each step you take is another year off of my life

You don’t want to walk any closer for fear of losing me before you can get here

But if only moments are what we have left,
we have enough time.


If only moments are what you have to give me

Then my life should be enough in exchange;

My life should be enough.


If God were a man

(and You are)

I’d go to church again.


I’ll believe because,

Looking into the eyes of He who formed me,

I’ve been given no choice.



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