Comic Strip



I’m a caricature of love for you

dramatic, big-eyed, pig-tailed
a cartoonish, foolish schoolgirl
two dimensional.

I’m sucking on you like a popsicle
tinting my tongue and the space between my teeth blue
I’m the joke on this stick

I have to be funny
gotta put that big cartoon smile on your face
drawing white shiny stars on your yellow teeth
my eyes no more than slanted lines with butterfly lashes levitating over them as I grin

I’m the handiwork of your class boredom
shut between the pages
drawn and redrawn in the margin of your notebook
next to candy hearts with a different girl’s name each week

I’m a bubblegum baby girl
fairy princess waiting for you to clip her wings
anything you decide
because mine is the only face you know how to draw and I can be whatever you want
if you want to see this comic strip
just let me know
but please
don’t shut the page on me anymore.



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